Welcome to the Consulting Exchange

New Exchange will change the way customers and contractors interact.
No fee requested for registration to the New Exchange marketplace. You pay only the services you actually buy when you close a contract.
Contractors represent the offer of consulting skills and will quote their final rate to their potential clients and their rate will be inclusive of the intermediation fee.
Customers represent the demand for consulting skills and will enter the rate they are prepared to pay. The rate paid by the customers will be inclusive of fees.
New Exchange platform will match buy and sell rates together with the required skills and start the negotiation between the parties.
When a contractor and a customer reach an agreement, they will close their negotiation and start working together, while we continue our intermediation function by handling timesheets, invoices and payments.
New Exchange will collect payments from all clients and pay contractors deducting its fees.
New Exchange will take only a 5% fee on every payment. This means that if a client has agreed with the consultant a rate of $100, the client will pay $100 to New Exchange and the consultant will receive a payment of $95.
In this innovative way, information is completely clear and accessible by the two parties without any filter. Our fees are always the same percentage of the contract values.
We don’t suggest rates or increase our margin under any circumstances.